1. landscape distortions. this is an experiment to use ordinary/average pictures taken with my phone and integrate textured polys that use the same base image. more to come as i play around with this.

  2. 12/28/2013 - a quick morning jog up to the 3rd rock above rattlesnake ledge.

  3. 12/28/2013 - off course frisbee golf with dylanatmydesk, plus a nice walk around the lake.

  4. dylanatmydesk:

    Bandera Mt. Hike with Dave and Arlo.  

    @dylanatmydesk love the shots man. dave w/ apple = hilarious.

  5. mt. rainier from bandera mountain

    11/23/2013, bandera. attendees: dave, dylan and arlo. fabulous weather, no rain…warm, then freezing cold wind, then warm again. slushy here and there. a no-nonsense ass kicking.

  6. mt. si from rattlesnake ledge
    mt. washington from rattlesnake ledge

    10/20/2013, a quick run to the top of rattlesnake ledge during out multi-day fog fest. 

  7. 10/7/2013, rattlesnake ledge, attendees: hans and arlo

  8. mount si, 9/21/2013, attendees: maria, arlo

    it’s been a looooong time since i’ve been up mount si. i kind of avoid this place because of the crowds. oddly there wasn’t a ton of people up here today. no large groups of jabbering extended families with their crying babies. one thing hasn’t changed: the runners. we watched a couple of folks run past us six times. they were on their 3rd ascent for the day. 

    the best part is the little patch of trail behind haystack. 

  9. 9/12/2013, middle fork river, attendees: hans, maria, arlo.

    supposedly one of the hottest days of the year, so on a whim i took thursday off. not a soul around but us. we owned it.

  10. after hike party. some of the guests are becoming particularly…rowdy.